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Beijing Zhonghe Guoan head coach Genesio said at the pre-match press conference against Shanghai SIPG: "The team is in good shape and Augusto cannot play in this game."


"Everyone knows that the game is very intensive now, so there is not a lot of rest time between games. Winning the last game was very good for us. The team is currently in a very active state of mind. Today’s training is relatively easy, mainly To reserve physical fitness for tomorrow's game and relieve the mental fatigue of players."


"Now our team's players have no problems in terms of mentality or physical fitness. Especially the mental state of the team is very good. Every player is eager to win the next game."


"I also watched SIPG’s new foreign aid Mu Yi. The defensive midfielder has a very strong reading ability and good stealing ability, which can increase their midfield counter-robbing ability. We will also target them because our team is in The offensive line is among the best, so we are not afraid of them."


"I hope the players will go all out in the next game, play our football and win the game."


"Augusto needs a few days of recovery time for meticulous testing. He will definitely be absent from tomorrow's game. I also feel sorry that he is our captain and our best player. He is in good shape recently. , His absence is a big loss for the team."


"Li Lei has already trained with the team and he has reached the conditions for his debut. Hou Yongyong is injured and needs to wait. He will miss tomorrow's game."