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On September 18, Beijing time, Juventus officially issued a statement stating that the team had terminated the contract with Higuain ahead of time, and this termination brought Juventus more than 18 million euros in losses. In fact, this is not difficult to understand, because Juventus is the party in breach. If you want to get rid of the burden, you must pay a price. After all, Higuain's salary is not low. At the same time, well-known journalist Romano revealed to the outside world that Juventus had reached an agreement with Rome on the transfer of Dzeko. It is reported that Dzeko’s transfer fee is 16 million euros, and he will sign a two-year contract with a total of 15 million euros with the Zebra Corps (that is, Dzeko’s salary is 7.5 million euros/year). Ten hours later, the major league football team Miami International announced the signing of Higuain.

在北京时间9月18日,尤文图斯正式发表声明,说球队已经提前终止了与伊瓜因的合同,这一终止给尤文图斯带来了超过1800万欧元的损失。实际yabo网页版地址上,这并不难理解,因为尤文图斯是违约的一方。如果您想摆脱负担,则必须付出代价。毕竟,伊瓜因的薪水并不低。同时,著名的记者罗曼诺向外界透露,尤文图斯已经与罗马就杰科的转会达成协议。据报道,哲科的转会费为1600万欧元,他将与Zebra Corps签订一份为期两年的合同,总额为1500万欧元(也就是说,哲科的薪水为每年750万欧元)。十小时后,美国职业足球大联盟迈阿密国际宣布宣布伊瓜因。

At this point, Juventus has completed the operation of the center position. In the case of Suarez missed to vote, the old woman chose the 34-year-old Dzeko, and gave up the 33-year-old Higuain. It is worth mentioning that the price paid by Juventus in order to get Dzeko is not small, the transfer fee + annual salary + liquidated damages, at least 50 million euros. So, here comes the question: why would Juventus prefer to breach the contract and give up the 33-year-old Higuain, but also sign the 34-year-old Dzeko at a high price? (This is also a topic that caused heated discussion among fans in the topic area)

至此,尤文图斯已经完成了中心位置的操作。在苏亚雷斯未参加投票的情况下,老妇人选择了34岁的哲科,并放弃了33岁的伊瓜因。值得一提的是,尤文图斯为了得到哲科付出的代价并不小,转会费+年薪+违约金,至少为5000万欧元。因此,问题来了:为什么尤文图斯宁愿违约而放弃33岁的伊瓜因,又以高价签下34岁的哲科? (这也是一个引起话题领域的粉丝激烈讨论的话题)

At the beginning, after Higuain came to Serie A from La Liga, he seemed to be a different person, breaking various scoring records time and time again. At that time, he was really "God blocking and killing God, Buddha blocking and killing Buddha". It can be said that he left Real Madrid. He broke out of a world alone. But later I don't know what happened. His condition was greatly reduced, especially after going to the Premier League. Returning to Serie A again, Higuain is no longer the Higuain that year. Last season, he represented Juventus in 44 games on various fronts, which is very popular with Surrey, but his data is only 11 goals and 8 assists. This performance really does not match his identity as a giant starting center. Let alone a downturn, he has a bunch of other problems, three of which are most criticized.


First, the mentality is too impatient. When faced with the opportunity to shoot, his heart is impetuous, and he always wants to do it in one go, and knock his opponent to the ground at once, which leads to the result of repeated missed opportunities. If he can calm down when he gets a good shot, then his threat will be greatly increased and the effect on the team will also increase a lot. For example, in this attack. Dybala made a long pass to accurately find Higuain, who drove the ball to the penalty area. Due to too much adjustment, the opposing defender was placed in time. However, Higua did not believe in evil, so he faced difficulties, and in the end his quick and quick shot came back without success. When Higuain shot, other Juventus players could only look at him helplessly.

首先,心态太急躁。面对拍摄机会时,他的内心浮躁,他总是想一口气做到这一点,并立即将对手击倒在地,这导致了反复错过机会的结果。如果他在出手时能冷静下来,那么他的威胁就会大大增加,并且对球队的影响也会大大增加。例如,在这种攻击中。 Dybala经过了很长时间才能准确找到Higuain,后者将球开到了禁区。由于调整过多,对方防守者被及时安置。但是,伊瓜瓜不相信邪恶,因此他面临着困难,最终他的快速枪击失败了。当伊瓜因射门时,其他尤文图斯球员只能无奈地看着他。

Second, unable to recognize their position. In fact, Higuain was not the team's first-choice center in the last season, because his state is really not very good, even far worse than Mandzukic. The reason why he can stand on Juventus is because Sarri likes him so much and desperately wants to use him. Based on this, Higuain should know what position he is in the team, but he still takes himself too seriously and does not have any sense of crisis. As long as he can find ways to improve himself, and see his status and position in the team, he will not be cleaned up after Sarri is swept out.


Third, the way of playing is relatively unique. Perhaps I want to prove myself that Higuain values ​​every attack opportunity so deeply that sometimes the ball is welded to death at his feet, saying nothing is passed. Because of this, many counter-attack opportunities were consumed. For example, in this attack. Higuain turned around after catching the ball in the center and advancing with the ball. At this moment, two opponents came up and hit him. In the face of the interference of two defensive players, Higuain's individualism was rampant, and he stunned his head. He bit his head and moved forward, and finally the ball was broken by the opponent. Note that at the moment Higuain started to turn around, Ronaldo, who had already run out of the open space, signaled, but he was directly ignored. In fact, Higuain can send a good pass, it depends on whether he wants it or not.


In terms of age, Dzeko is one year older than Higuain, but the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina is higher than that of a small smoke gun. Take the last season as an example. Dzeko played in 43 games on behalf of Roma, with a total of 3539 minutes, 19 goals and 14 assists, an average of 0.442 goals per game, and 0.767 goals per game. Scored 1 goal in 186 minutes and made 1 goal every 107 minutes. Higuain played for Juventus in a total of 44 games, a total of 2,643 minutes, 11 goals and 8 assists, an average of 0.25 goals per game, an average of 0.432 goals per game, and an average of 1 goal per 240 minutes. , Create 1 ball every 139 minutes. Dzeko's data crushes Higuain in all directions, so Dzeko's competitive state is much stronger than Higuain. With the huge data gap, the difference in age seems insignificant.

在年龄方面,哲科比伊瓜因大一岁,但波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那的水平比小型烟枪高。以上一季为例。哲科代表罗马出战43场比赛,总共3539分钟,19个进球和14个助攻,平均每场0.442粒进球,平均每场0.767粒进球。 186分钟内打进1球,每107分钟打进1球。伊瓜因共为尤文图斯出战了44场比赛,总共2,643分钟,11个进球和8个助攻,平均每场0.25个进球,平均每场0.432个进球,每240分钟平均1个进球。 ,每139分钟创建1个球。 Dzeko的数据全方位挤压了伊瓜因,因此Dzeko的竞争状况比伊瓜因要强得多。由于巨大的数据差距,年龄的差异似乎微不足道。

There is no doubt that Ronaldo is still one of the best players in world football, but in order to maximize his offensive utility, the team needs to equip him with a center who can grab points, play and protect the ball. Just like Benzema in Real Madrid. Dzeko's speed is not as fast as Benzema, and his feet are almost the same as Benzema, but his ability to grab points and make the ball is no worse than Benzema, even stronger than the French. For example, in this attack. Dzeko catches the ball in the middle. Facing the defensive player, he did not choose to go solo, nor did he choose to push forward quickly, but to fight against it, because he was waiting for a teammate on the right to follow up and saw a teammate on the right. He sent a wonderful pass at the first time, and a beautiful offense was completed. Feel the charm of Zheke. In this attack, Dzeko's unique advantage as a center forward was fully demonstrated. His overall view, his passing, and his calmness are all impressive. Based on this, Dzeko and Ronaldo’s combined strike line will surely create unexpected sparks. He may not be the most suitable center for Ronaldo, but he is more suitable than Higuain.


Some time ago, the rumors of Suarez and Juventus had intensified. Everyone felt that Suarez was only the last step in Turin. Unfortunately, he ultimately missed Juventus and Ronaldo. For Juventus, Suarez is still very suitable. His playing style and technical characteristics are what the old woman needs, and he can be a good partner with Ronaldo. Suarez did not catch the Tiger, so Juventus can only retreat and focus on Dzeko, the cheetah. Dzeko is currently the most suitable for Juventus after Suarez in the center field, and the asking price can be accepted and can A center to try. For Roma and Dzeko, there is nothing wrong with raising the price a little at this time. Who makes Juventus the one to ask for? If Juventus struggles with price or age issues, it will be yourself that will ultimately lose.


Juve's operation may be difficult for some fans to understand, but from the current perspective, this may be the best choice. Besides, Dzeko has proven himself in many clubs. As long as he is healthy, he can show convincing performance. Don't ignore his true combat effectiveness just because of his low-key. If Dzeko can continue the previous state after coming to Juventus, then Juventus' investment will be worth the money.